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Poetry in lines and colors Poetry in lines and colors

Poetry in lines and colors

Selected works 1983-2018

Una raccolta retrospettiva di disegni, illustrazioni e dipinti realizzati nell'arco di 35 anni. Disponibile su Amazon.

"Desenzano del Garda, in the shadows of the Italian Alpes, looking over Lake Garda, for almost 40 years, a local man quietly lived in a world of imagination until a publisher discovered his works. Paolo Avigo recited poetry in images of fairytales, riddles, paradoxes, and hearsay. Seeing his works turned the viewers into Alice in Wonderland. From childish doodle to fleeting painting to soothing abstract, Paolo's paintings have a special quality that appeals to the child in us yet incredibly sophisticated and mystical. In 125 pages, this book tries to share to the world the vision of a common man, simple, yet tender and beautiful like the first sight of sunlight in a cold winter day."

Daniel Van

Toku Publishing Los Angeles - https://tokupublishing.com
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